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Arthroscopy Surgery

Injuries are part & parcel of a sports persons life, especially in the modern age with highly competitive sports that constantly push the boundaries of human endurance. Common sports injuries are caused by excessive wear & tear, poor technique, inadequate protective gear and so on. Treatment for sports injuries has now evolved such that they can be done in a non-invasive and seamless manner, reducing rehabilitation time & surgical trauma.

Arthroscopy or key hole surgeries allow for seamless movement, via non-invasive procedures to repair & nurture joints and tendons – just as they were designed by nature.

Trauma & accident related cases pose a unique challenge of time & complexity and therefore it is imperative that the treatment provided is the most advanced orthopedic care. Loss of time or delay in the onset of treatment can prove to be highly detrimental to the patient’s cause.

Lalitha Hospital offers the Best Treatment & Management of Trauma & Fractures – with advanced orthopedic care & best orthopedic surgeons.